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We’re super happy to announce that our new course ‘Mastering Sourdough Neapolitan Pizza’ is online now!


The course includes:

  • more than 90 minutes of video with all the information about how to create a delicious sourdough Neapolitan pizza, from the beginning to the final touches. 


  • You will learn about sourdough, you will create your first starter, feed it, learn about the fermentation, the benefits of sourdough, how to choose the best ingredients, how to stretch the dough, different stretching techniques, oven settings and baking tips and recipes, etc. 


  • You will also have access to extra audio & videos with some special guests, experts in different areas related to pizza baking, and you will have access to our private group where you will have direct interaction with the members and Rene. 

Mastering Sourdough Neapolitan Style Pizza

£34.90 Regular Price
£13.96Sale Price
Excluding VAT